The backround content of this web archive consists of the constantly growing film archive of the MEDIAWAVE International Film Festival since 1991 and the self-made films of the MEDIAWAVE. Year by year, the festival archive is enlarging with over 1000 films. The stock including more than 22.000 films is a unique collection of the film art around the millenium..


There are several minority films as the festival has included ’Minority’ category from the beginning meaning that such films in the topic can be submitted to the festival program from all over the world. In many cases, 10-20 years went by since the films arrived: whole countries have ceased to exist and been formed. Thus first we should make investigations to find the directors and check the film data and rights of these films so we can enlarge the archive. The former young directors have become either well-known film makers or quit the film carrier.


The other part of the archive includes the self-produced films of the MEDIAWAVE, which, together with film camp works with roma participation, calculates with more hundred films. These films can be already watched in the MEDIAWAVE web film archive (the right icon leads there).

The web tv of the ARCHIVE with its program packages drawn up periodically by well-known people is planned to navigate the audience among the huge number of films and hopefully it helps to call the attention to the special contents as well.

Our third purpose is to find similar films at home and in the neighbouring countries.

The basis of the photo archive includes the pictures of the roma integration photo workshops running since 2010. This is what we intend to enlarge with photos, art works of minority artists and contemporary and archive photo series on minorities from Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

We are pleased to receive entries from film makers and photographers and also recommendations of photos and footages found in legacies.

Janő Hartyándi and Sándor Kádár



The creation process of the archive is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Hungarian National Cultural Foundation:



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